CCM Academy exists to provide quality Christian education to pre-primary and primary age children with the desire of producing godly, competent, responsible, and entrepreneurial leadership for successive generations.



CCM Academy School was founded in January of 2007 by Bonnie Lou Ndelemeti, an American missionary serving in Zambia since 1998.  The School opened with 57 pupils.  The School was started to assist local efforts in offering international standards of education to children with the view of raising up godly, competent, responsible, and entrepreneurial leadership within Zambia and Africa.

In addition to offering all the traditional core subjects, CCM Academy also offers Computer, French, Christian Education, Music, Band, Choir and Dance classes to provide our students with diverse educational experiences. Students go on termly field trips and enjoy a variety of after-School extra-curricular activities.

CCM Academy is deeply committed to upholding Christian principles and values.  Students learn in a warm and caring Christian environment, making studies at CCM Academy a wholesome, positive, and growing experience.