CCM Bible College exists to glorify God by equipping Christians to know, love, and serve God biblically in the Church and world so that the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ will be fulfilled in Africa and worldwide.


The Centre for Christian Missions (CCM) was founded in Ndola in June of 2000 by American missionary, Bonnie Lou Ndelemeti.   CCM is an accredited Christian Bible College based in Kitwe, Zambia.  The College is registered with the Zambian government and serves the evangelical and interdenominational Christian community.

The College opened with two programmes of study, a Certificate of Theology and Diploma of Theology.  After graduating its first class of students in December of 2002, CCM moved to Kitwe and began the construction of its new campus facilities.


In January of 2004 the College opened its new Bachelor of Theology Degree Programme.  At the same time the Distance Learning Programme was officially launched, offering a Certificate of Theology, Diploma of Theology, and Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Currently the College offers three different study options for theological training:  Day School studies at the Kitwe campus;  Extension studies at home and at the Campus, and Distance Studies  (correspondence) from the comfort and convenience of your home.  All of CCM’s programmes are accredited with AICCS, a recognized accrediting board in the United States.

Since its inception, CCM Bible College has shown considerable growth. The College is currently equipping 280 students in our Distance, Extension, and Day School programmes.  Our mission is to equip Christian men and women to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ worldwide.

Students with diverse callings are being prepared for Christian living and ministry and for further studies.  Our curriculum is relevant and practical.  The Teaching Faculty are trained and experienced and have a variety of ministry backgrounds. Our local and international faculty members provide a rich and diverse learning environment for our students.

The College Library contains over 10,000 resources for study and research and the College has a modern Computer Laboratory. Our new Campus facilities are attractive and conducive for study. The College is committed to providing excellence in education to prepare God’s people for Christian living and ministry.







CCM Bible College is an approved and accredited member of the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries (AICCS), a recognized accrediting Board in the U.S.A.  All of CCM’s programmes are fully accredited.




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Dr. Curt Scarborough, President
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